Section C2 Conclave information!

Section Conclave is the annual gathering of the four lodges of Michigan’s lower peninsula, known as Section C-2.  The weekend is the must go to event for the Section and is unlike any OA event you will go to all year.  You won’t want to miss it.


The theme for the weekend is The Section Strikes Back, loosely similar to a space age conflict that uses the force of brotherhood.  Check out the HODAG party at the Conclave Cantina, valuable information at the Jedi Academy, recreation and competitions, and a massive closing show that is nothing like the Section has ever done, along with special guests from across the galaxy.


The Early Bird fee is $30 until March 15th.  It then goes to $35 until April 24th.  After that, it is $40 until May 1st, when registration closes.


Members of Agaming Maangogwan Lodge – your fee is $5 higher, as you will receive a t-shirt and special conclave lodge flap.


Have YOU signed up for May 6th – 8th Section C2 Conclave yet?

Sign up here.

As we have reached the end of 2015 and are ending the first month of January strong we have some events coming our way for our own Section C2.

Section C2’s conclave is may 6th – 8th and there is gonna be a lot of fun things happening there. will we know more after the Council of chiefs this Saturday?

as well as Section C2’s conclave we also have a 2 lodge event! Way to go Noquet and Kishatek lodge holding a join winter Fellowship.

If you are in either Noquet or Kishatek Lodge, have you signed up for the joint winter fellowship yet?

If not you can sign up here.

Marty Opthoff and Brian Chrzanowski to recieve DSA

Two of Section C2’s own Arrowmen were selected today to receive the Distinguished Service Award at the 2015 NOAC. The Distinguished Service Award (DSA) was created in 1940 to honor Order of the Arrow members, youth and adults, who have rendered distinguished and outstanding service to the Order on a sectional, regional, or national basis. The award is presented at National Order of the Arrow Conferences. Since 1940 only 965 persons, including the 2015 Class of 57 recipients, have been selected to receive the Distinguished Service Award. Please join us in congratulating Marty and Brian and the rest of the 2015 class of Distinguished Service Award recipients:

marty opthoff (2)brian chernowski section c2 headshot

Register for Conclave before it’s too late

Conclave registration goes from $25 to $35 Sunday at Midnight so, if you haven’t already, stop procrastinating and register!

But just in case you needed any more reasons to register for Section Conclave the prizes for Lodge attendance have been announced!

1. Any lodge that gets more than 75 people registered get a dozen eggs to egg your very own Section Chief Brandon Sinclair.
2. The lodge with the most people registered (minimum 75) get to shave Section Secretary Sean Greania’s head.
3. If all 4 lodges get 75 people registered your Section Vice-Chief Mitchell Pierpont will be dyeing his hair pink at Conclave.
4. If a lodge gets 200 people registered then the Class A’s (Denver Laabs’ band) will play at one of your fellowship weekends.

But for your lodge to qualify for any of these awesome prizes they’ll have to get at least 75 people registered so keep bugging your friends to come to Conclave if you want to see your Section Officers look ridiculous (more so then usual anyway).

Conclave Nearly Upon Us

There’s only a day left to get the Limited Edition Red Ruby patch for registering for Section Conclave! This patch will only be available if you register by 12:01 AM April 01, it won’t be sold by the trading post so if you want it for your collection go register now. There’s barely a month left until Super Secret Section Conclave, are you prepared? Have you registered online and gotten your Red Ruby patch? Have you been working with your lodge on how to show just how much Lodge spirit you have? Have you badgered all your friends in the OA to register for Conclave? Based on our numbers I don’t think you’ve done that last one.

  • Kishahtek ~ 36 (9 youth)
  • Nataepu Shohpe ~ 38 (15 youth)
  • Agaming Maangogwan ~ 40 (17 youth)
  • Noquet ~ 48 (21 youth)

Noquet’s leading the charge but the magic number is 75 attendees to qualify for the prizes we’ve got planned. You’ve only got a few weeks left, register while you can and you might just see your Section Officers get m—-

Servant Leadership Award!

We are now accepting nominations for the Section C2 Servant Leader Award! Recipients will receive a beautiful framed certificate and medal. If you want to nominate someone fill out the attached form and send it to or mail it to:
David Clegg
7469 Paradise Drive
Grand Blanc, MI 48439

Last year’s honorees were Bill Reisdorph, Jamie Callahan, Brian Chrzanowski, Jake Eccleston, and Charles Coutteau.

January CoC at Camp Rotary

The January CoC will take place at Camp Rotary on January 24th. Register for the event here and join us for American Indian Affairs  and Inductions and Ceremony Experiences trainings. Lodging will be available the night of the 23rd for $15 to cover Saturday breakfast, lunch, and lodging.

2015 NLS and NLATS

The Central Region’s 2015 NLS and NLATS registration is now open. There are 3 weekends available (listed below). The cost has increased from $175 to $180 due to increases by the training venues, but we still hope to see great participation in these excellent training opportunities.

February 27-March 1, 2015  Procter Conference Center The Diocese of Southern Ohio 11235 SR 38 SE London, Ohio 43140 (740) 206-2036

October 9-11, 2015 The Salvation Army – Wonderland Camp 9241 Camp Lake Road  Camp Lake, WI  53109 (262) 889-4305

November 6-8, 2015  Heartland Center 16965 Missouri 45, Parkville, MO 64152
(816) 891-1078

Register online here.