C-2 Servant Leadership Nomination Forms Available

The Section C-2 Servant Leadership Nomination Forms are now available. If you know of any Youth or Adult who is worthy of this honor, please fill one of these out and get it in by May 2nd. The nominations will be brought before the awards committee on the Friday night of conclave, and awarded the next day.
For those unfamiliar with the award, here’s a brief description of what the award is intended to be:

This award is meant to recognize those who give exceptional service to the Section, this award is given based on merit. Service to the Section is given through all sorts of ways, and this award is meant to recognize those of all walks of the Section’s life. Both youth and adults will be eligible for the Award for Section Service. No previous service award will make someone ineligible for the Servant Leader Award. The nominee must be a registered, dues paying member, in good standing with their lodge.

As the award is currently written, it states that each lodge gets a total of 5 nominations each year, which would mean that for this year, each lodge would get up to 10. Keep in mind that not all 10 need to be used.

Download the Form