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Communications Committee

Takes care of anything internet related including social networking, website, and internet communication.
Chairman: Zach Richardson – Adviser: Michael Jedinak

Creates the Section’s publication which includes news, articles, and event information.
Chairman: Robby Lamie – Adviser: Roger Storch


Recognized deserving Arrowmen and Lodges.
Chairman: Richard Momber – Adviser: Kirk Sheren

Keeps detailed and accurate records of Section History and Events.
Chairman: Nick Meier – Adviser: Jeff Beach

Trading Post
Creates and markets Section C-2 merchandise.
Chairman: Josh Lange – Adviser: Vicki Riley

Camp Promotions
Promotes camping at the Boy Scout Camps of Section C-2.
Chairman: Ricky Conklin – Adviser: Tim Flintoff

High Adventure
Promotes Arrowmen going on High Adventure Trips around the United States with Order of the Arrow corps.
Chairman: John Schultz  Adviser: Marcus Berger

Inductions and Ceremonies Events (ICE)
Providing quality ceremony’s and dance’s
Chairman: Tyler Fine – Adviser: Drew Siegersma

American Indian Affairs
Chairman: Rob Rodgers – Adviser: Jason Kerschke

Lodge Assistance Program (LAP)
Chairman: Chuck Coutteau – Adviser: Ben Kinnison


Section Conclave Committee
Chairman: Joe Amoros
Adviser: Jim McCain – Assistant Adviser: Doug Morningstar

Creates a plan for training the Section’s Arrowmen.
Chairman: Jameson Cavanaugh
Adviser: Jay Richardson

Works to promote attendance to Section Conclave.
Chairman: John McCoy – Adviser: Russell Dale

Manages registration of attendees and the patch auction.
Chairman: Josiah Moralez – Adviser: Patrick Butcher

Plans shows for Section Conclave.
Chairman: Will Miller – Adviser: Derek Stark

Activities, Recreation, & Competition
Plans and facilitates the fun activites at Section Conclave.
Chairman: Will Mullinix – Adviser: Mike McCoy