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Section Conclave Committee
Chairman: Ben Alter
Adviser: Jim McCain – Assistant Adviser: Doug Morningstar

Creates a plan for training the Section’s Arrowmen.
Chairman: Kevin Thomasma – Adviser: Russell Dale

Conclave Promotions
Works to promote attendance to Section Conclave.
Chairman: Ryan Stults – Adviser: Brandon Mullins

Brings new ideas on how to improve to the Section.
Chairman: Dominic Hahn – Adviser: Jason Kirschke

Awards and Recognition
Recognized deserving Arrowmen and Lodges.
Chairman: Andrew Czajka – Adviser: Andy Yost

Ceremonies and AIA
Directs ceremonies, ceremony competitions, and American Indian activities at Conclave.
Chairman: Zach Zlomeck – Adviser: Bev Chapman

Trading Post
Creates and markets Section C-2 merchandise. To take a look at the Trading Post click here.
Chairman: Baden Wackerle – Adviser: Mitchell Pierpont

Creates the Section’s publication which includes news, articles, and event information.
Chairman: Nic Molchan – Adviser:

Keeps detailed and accurate records of Section History and Events.
Chairman: Open – Adviser: Jeff Beach

Promotes camping at the Boy Scout Camps of Section C-2, OA High Adventure Trips around the United States with Order of the Arrow corps, and other National and Regional events.
Chairman: Michael Carley – Adviser:


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