Conclave 2014

And with that, another Conclave draws to a close. It was a great weekend and I hope all of you enjoyed it as much as I did. The battle for the Coup was fierce, from Saturday morning all the way to Sunday’s open mic. Every Lodge made an awesome effort, but when the smoke cleared Noquet stood victorious. Agaming handed the coup over gracefully, with a promise that next year it’d be coming back to them. With Lodges this spirited, though, who knows what’s going to happen?

Saturday evening we held the 2014-2015 Section Elections and have a new Council of Chiefs to congratulate. The candidates for Section Chief were Brandon Sinclair, Josh Blohm, Mitchell Pierpont, and Chuck Coutteau. The first round of voting narrowed it down to Brandon and Mitch, but it took several more rounds before Brandon was successfully voted in. The competition for Vice-Chief was between Mitch and Chuck, but it was Pierpont who successfully held onto his position for another year. The final vote was for Section Secretary, whose candidates were Sean Greania and Josh Blohm. It took multiple rounds of voting, but eventually Sean emerged triumphant.

Our new officers were sworn in on Sunday morning and the CoC (new and old) met for a quick meeting on Sunday afternoon. It looks like another great team for this year. If you want in on it, feel free to contact Brandon Sinclair at and let him know. We need everything from Committee Chairmen to just people to help plan next year’s Conclave, hosted by Nataepu Shohpe.

To close, I’d just like to thank everyone who helped Conclave run so beautifully this year, whether you ran a training, helped with a game, or just came with your Lodge and screamed your heart out. A special thanks to Ricky and Nick, our Regional and National chiefs respectively, thanks for coming all the way out here to celebrate with us. We couldn’t do it without any of you, and I hope we can count on you coming back next year so we can make it even better. Consider it practice for the 100th Anniversary NOAC.


Noquet with the spoils of war, the mighty Coup Stick!