Conclave Nearly Upon Us

There’s only a day left to get the Limited Edition Red Ruby patch for registering for Section Conclave! This patch will only be available if you register by 12:01 AM April 01, it won’t be sold by the trading post so if you want it for your collection go register now. There’s barely a month left until Super Secret Section Conclave, are you prepared? Have you registered online and gotten your Red Ruby patch? Have you been working with your lodge on how to show just how much Lodge spirit you have? Have you badgered all your friends in the OA to register for Conclave? Based on our numbers I don’t think you’ve done that last one.

  • Kishahtek ~ 36 (9 youth)
  • Nataepu Shohpe ~ 38 (15 youth)
  • Agaming Maangogwan ~ 40 (17 youth)
  • Noquet ~ 48 (21 youth)

Noquet’s leading the charge but the magic number is 75 attendees to qualify for the prizes we’ve got planned. You’ve only got a few weeks left, register while you can and you might just see your Section Officers get m—-