January 22, 2016

Member Lodges

Lodges that make up Section C-2, and links to their websites.

Agaming Lodge Flap

Agaming Maangogwan
Water and Woods Council

Chief: Michael Pierpont
Advisers: Tom Stoppa
Staff Adviser: Tom Oleniacz

Kishahtek Lodge Flap
Southern Shores Council

Chief: Caleb Hudson
Adviser: Brian Coleman
Staff Adviser: James McClelland

Nataepu Shohpe Lodge Flap

Nataepu Shohpe
President Ford Council

Chief: Will Silvey
Adviser: Martin Burg
Associate Adviser: Steve Heitmeier
Staff Adviser: Matt Hogg

noquet lodge flap
Great Lakes Council

Chief: Jameson Cavanaugh
Adviser: Mike McCoy
Staff Adviser: Janssen Lemley