Member Lodges

Lodges that make up Section C-2, and links to their websites.
Any of these lodges may be contacted using the form here. Specify who you want to contact, along with your message, and it will be sent to the correct person.

Agaming Lodge Flap

Agaming Maangogwan
Water and Woods Council

Chief: Nathan Snow
Advisers: Tom Stoppa & Rick Todd
Staff Adviser: Tom Oleniacz

Kishahtek Lodge Flap
Southern Shores Council

Chief: Josh Blohm
Adivser: Dave Moss
Staff Adviser: James McClelland

Nataepu Shohpe Lodge Flap

Nataepu Shohpe
President Ford Council

Chief: Stephen King
Adviser: Derek Stark
Staff Adviser: Ron Willett

noquet lodge flap
Great Lakes Council

Chief: Andrew Larkin
Adviser: Mark Fobare
Staff Adviser: Denver Laabs