Meet the Men at Conclave!

Ever wonder who exactly the mysterious Regional and National leadership are? Or what exactly they do? If you said yes to either of those, I have some exciting news about Conclave for all of you!

We will be officially hosting both the National and Central Region Chiefs at Camp Rotary this May. Before you meet them there, why not learn a little about who they are and where they’re from?

Central Region Chief: Ricky Angeletti
Ricky Angeletti

Ricky is currently a student at the University of Akron and a Vigil Honor Member of the OA. He’s also an Eagle Scout, and is originally from Uniontown, OH Section C-4A.

National Chief: Nick Dannemiller
Nick Dannemiller

Nick’s a student at Colarado State University majoring in Wildlife Biology. He was born in Denver, but grew up in Tualatin, Oregon. He’s an Eagle Scout from Troop 530 and a recipient of the James E. West and Founders Awards, as well as the Vigil Honor, among others. Before being elected National Chief, Nick served as Wauna La-Mon’tay’s Lodge Chief and Vice-Chief of Administration. He has served at both NOAC and OA trail crew, and wants to become a Wildlife Vet.

Both of these guys can’t wait to meet you at Conclave, so what other reasons do you need to register?

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