Register for Conclave before it’s too late

Conclave registration goes from $25 to $35 Sunday at Midnight so, if you haven’t already, stop procrastinating and register!

But just in case you needed any more reasons to register for Section Conclave the prizes for Lodge attendance have been announced!

1. Any lodge that gets more than 75 people registered get a dozen eggs to egg your very own Section Chief Brandon Sinclair.
2. The lodge with the most people registered (minimum 75) get to shave Section Secretary Sean Greania’s head.
3. If all 4 lodges get 75 people registered your Section Vice-Chief Mitchell Pierpont will be dyeing his hair pink at Conclave.
4. If a lodge gets 200 people registered then the Class A’s (Denver Laabs’ band) will play at one of your fellowship weekends.

But for your lodge to qualify for any of these awesome prizes they’ll have to get at least 75 people registered so keep bugging your friends to come to Conclave if you want to see your Section Officers look ridiculous (more so then usual anyway).