Update from the Leadership of Section C2

Update from the Leadership of Section C2


Dear Arrowmen,


As many of you know, the Field Service Councils in the lower peninsula are currently going through a period of reorganization and merging. This means the four smaller councils in the lower peninsula are merging into one council called the Michigan Crossroads Council. As a result, the Order of the Arrow lodges in the Michigan Crossroads Council must also go through a period of reorganization. This process must be undertaken because the National Order of the Arrow requires that when councils merge, the respective lodges must also merge. Therefore Agaming Maangogwan, Kishahtek, Nataepu Shohpe, and Noquet will be merged into one unified Lodge. This merge means the four different lodges will come together with their traditions and ideas and become one incredible Lodge encompassing almost the entirety of the lower peninsula of Michigan.

As one Lodge, our key goals will remain the same in the Order of the Arrow: providing service to scouts, camps, and our communities. The Lodge will consist of a newly elected Lodge Board which will host its own events and activities, and will be organized to continue the support of Arrowmen on a local level. Our goal is that local operations will remain largely unchanged to ensure Arrowmen are able to easily attend events and serve their local communities with the same high level of service and performance. While the local groups will still hold many of the same events and activities, the new Lodge will also provide numerous new camping opportunities, trainings, service projects, leadership opportunities, and fellowship activities. 

This new transition that we are being presented with is not a roadblock, but rather an opportunity to shape the future of the Order of the Arrow in the Michigan Crossroads Council for years to come. This decision to merge will be an evolving process that will take several months to complete and will involve the decisions, hard work, and ideas of many Arrowmen. If you have any ideas, comments, or concerns, feel free to reach out to any Lodge or Section leadership to ensure that your voice is heard. We want your input to help create this new Lodge, so please contact us! All things considered, this change will be beneficial for the Arrowmen of Michigan as we create a new great lodge that will give you more opportunities than were previously offered. We assure you that we will work hard to provide a smooth and successful transition as we become one Lodge and will carefully consider all options and suggestions to make this merging beneficial for everyone. 


Yours in Service, 

Aidan Badgerow – Agaming Maangogwan Lodge Chief

Zach Zlomek – Kishahtek Lodge Chief

Ryan Longo – Nataepu Shohpe Lodge Chief

Peter Stavropoulos – Noquet Lodge Chief

Andrew Czajka – Section Chief

Michael Pierpont – Section Vice Chief

Danny Miller – Section Secretary

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